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welcome to Eleven28 Home

small batch premium craft gin

About The Company

Eleven28 is founded of the idea of creating a difference in the beverages industry, by demographically breaking barriers as a young black woman from Limpopo in liquor production in a otherwise white dominated industry and introducing variety in terms of whats available on the shelves.
Eleven 28 is also my birthdate as the idea came to me just before my crown birthday in 2017, and I think it sounds like a very cool brand.
We are still small in terms of scale, but we plan to penetrate the beverage market in South Africa and grow bigger and eventually export into neighbouring countries and the rest of Africa.
Our goal is to be a fully female black owned beverage company based in Limpopo producing alcoholic beverages and other non-alcoholic craft drinks such as craft tonics and teas
We currently only have one product in the market, that is eleven28 premium pink edition gin.Made only from the finest single grain spirit and infused with only the best botanicals.

The Premium Taste

Eleven28 Premium Pink Edition Gin is a handcrafted gin that is proudly produced and bottled in Limpopo.

It is made from single grain and comprises of 7 quality botanicals to give it its sublime fruity and floral taste and aroma.

We wanted to create a product that was tasty and enjoyable and also easy to drink. With its pomegranate and rose flavours all rounded out with the earthy juniper to give it a fresh and different taste and the alluring pink hue,it was designed to have an all round visual , taste and premium quality appeal.

This premium quality is due to the fact that the Eleven28 Gin is a passionately handcrafted spirit that is 7 times distilled to achieve is smooth feel, making it the ultimate fun fruity and easy drinking Gin.

Eleven28 premium pink edition gin is the first product from Eleven28 beverages in a long line of upcoming products to be introduced into the market in due course. Itís a celebration drink that will make anyone feel like everyday is summer . Its to be enjoyed with friends with a beautiful craft tonic as you enjoy gorgeous sunsets.

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The Experience

Starts At First Sip

The Quality

Everything we produce is made with the utmost care and meticulous crafting to ensure the end product is premium quality to be enjoyed by many.

The Taste

Eleven28 is a beautiful African spirit comprising of 7 botanicals and is 7 times distilled to achieve its smooth quality. The pomegranate rubies and rose petals give it a floral yet fruity taste,all rounded out by the earthy juniper notes.

The Feeling

This very fragrant and tasty gin will evoke feelings of beautiful summers as the sun goes down, spent with those close to your heart.

The Art

This gin is great with Tonic water or any craft tonic mixer. Add some pomegranate rubies or red summer fruits and sip slow to be taken on a taste adventure in to an endless summer. Sip it slow to savour the taste and aromatic explosion as the different taste and aromas develop in your mouth.

Our Story

And The Journey Began

Part One

The Founder

Eleven28 Beverages is founded by Sewela Mokoena. She describes herself as a small town girl from Ga-Kgapane in the foothills of the Modjadji queendom near Tzaneen in Limpopo.

A true artisan with a passion for gin, food , flowers and media, this 28 year old is a mother of one and loves being adventurous. Sewela loves local travel and she appreciates nature and the finer things in life. She enjoys spending her time with family and friends and is always out to discover the fun in all her experiences, being hard at work or at play.

Sewela is a Marketing Services Executive for a media owner and owns 2 flourishing businesses, Eleven28 Beverages, making handcrafted alcoholic Spirits and non-alcoholic drinks, and, Refiloe Luxury Gifts and Celebrations, an events and floral design company named after her Daughter, based in Limpopo Polokwane.

Being only 28 years of age and born with a taste for adventure ,exploration and creativity, she undertook this challenge to be the first black woman to have a Gin brand in Limpopo. Her dream is to ultimately export into Africa and infiltrate the beverages world offering variety in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to this growing united continent of very vast, different and discerning consumers through breaking barriers and creating employment in her businesses.

Part Two

The Drive

The founder has been known for her love of craft gin and always wanted to explore the different tastes and experiment with different Gin based cocktails, pairing them with different foods on varying occasions.

Having awoken a passion for the finer gins, she decided to embark on her own gin journey and thatís how Eleve28 Beverages was born.

The story of Eleven28 beverages is the story of her love for gin and Limpopo. Its started out very exploratively and on the eve of her crown birthday in 2017, she was bitten by the gin bug and never looked back. This drove her passion to want to create something true to her, identifying local partnerships with fellow businesses in the distilling industry and doing research until she was determined to learn the craft and have her own brand.

Her love for artisan crafted things drove her to pursue her passion in the beverage industry. As a career mom in broadcasting industry and a part time florist she wanted to create a drink that spoke to what she loves, crafting a cosmopolitan drink that showed off her softer side as well as her dedication to handcrafted quality that was true to Limpopo, a floral and fruity Pink gin made with the finest ingredients was the answer.

Part Three

The Gin

Eleven28 Gin is a sublime drink to be enjoyed in the company of good friends and warm sunsets, as is true to her native homelands in Limpopo, it was created to be refreshing and to be a full sensory experience in the African heat. A little oasis in your mouth reminiscent of the lush green and subtropical climate of the Mopani Region in Limpopo where the founder is from.

Eleven28 Premium Pink Gin is a proudly African Gin handcrafted and produced in Limpopo forging its way into the global arena. Itís a true labour of love . Every bottle that is made and ever will be made passes through the hands of the distiller for quality checks so the consumer who gets the end product will know a lot of craft ,passion and love went into every bottle.

Eleven28 Pink gin boasts 7 botanicals and is 7 times distilled from a single grain spirit. A true grain to glass gin. With is refreshing pomegranate and rose flavours eleven28 gin is a quality premium spirit thatís ripe for the market to enjoy the love and passion that went into every drop.

Final Word

The Interest

"Iím a gin enthusiast, always have been and when craft beverages hit the scene, I have to try all the brands I could get my hands on, internationally and locally.

I also started doing some research on the production of gin and spirit distillation. It sparked a keen interest in me enough to want to learn how to be a distiller.

With all the varieties of spirits, moreso gin, I also wanted to have my own brand of gin, one with my own personal touch.

Craft gin is very personal, every bottle produced passes through your hands and distillers have to have passion for their craft and often put all they have into the final product. It is a true labour of love.

I told myself it was time for me to get out of the shadows, come what may, I was hell-bent on being a young black woman from Limpopo to lead the black female gin generation. And so I took that leap."

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